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KILL the innocence

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My name is Ina,
but you can call me Neko or Neko-Mikyo.
I'm humoristic, kinky, crazy and happy almost always. My birthday is on July 12th. I live in Finland and in a city named Raisio. My favourite colours are: Red and Silver. I have dark brown eyes and -hair. I speak Finnish, English and i'm learning Japan. I'm studying Catering. I have 6 piercings, two lip piercings, one eyebrow piercing and three ear piercings; two on my right ear and one on my left ear. I listen Rock and J-Rock music, but i also can listen others like J-Pop, HipHop, Dance/Disco, Metal and Heavy music too ;P.

I have serious LUST for Ruki, Sou, Ryuto, Kyo, Leda & Aggy, Hiroto & Tora, Manabu and Hitsugi. ;3

Don't mess up with my beloved ones,
or i'll be messing up with YOU back!

Angie , Deli , Kitty , Hyna
I like: writing; fanfictions, poems and original stories, drawing, reading, Punk/Rock Fashion, collecting J-Rock cd's and some more J-Rock stuff, making icons and banners, making food ^3^, going to J-Rock gigs/concerts & Animecon's.

Music: Miyavi, The GazettE, AliceNine., D'espairsRay, Nightmare, Dir en grey, Girugamesh, SuG, ScReW, An Cafe, Kagrra, Kra, LM.C, ViViD, Gackt, 12012, DELUHI, D=OUT, シリアル⇔NUMBER, SINCREA, Dolly, Dollis Marry, Sel'm, Dali, 己龍-kiryu-, Phantasmagoria, Heisei Ishin, Lolita23q, ClearVeil, Sadie, Nega, Rentrer En Soi, Vidoll, Versailles, Onmyo-Za, Moi dix Mois, BLOOD, Blood Stain Child, デンジャ-☆ギャング, UnsraW, born, exist†trace, Bergerac, Anjyu', DOWNER, DIO ~Distraught Overload, Megamasso, The Kiddie, DecoLa Hopping, VelBet, Zoro, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kill Hannah, Afi, Pink, Metallica, Korn, Rammstein, Skillet, Trapt, Hoobastank, Three Days Grace, Panic! At the Disco, Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Children Of Bodom, Apocalyptica, Poets Of the Fall, the 69 Eyes

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Married my dear @ marry_a_ljuser

My Claims~

Just thinking about ˚[Hitsugi]˚ ♫ playing on his ♫ [GUITAR] gives me HEATSTROKE ☼ and massive nosebleeds

Just thinking about ˚[Sou]˚ ♫ singing ♫ [SONG] gives me HEATSTROKE ☼ and massive nosebleeds

Just thinking about ˚[Yuji]˚ ♫ playing on his ♫ [GUITAR] gives me HEATSTROKE ☼ and massive nosebleeds

♥~ I claimed Ruki's Neck and Reita's Ass @ gaze_claim ~♥

♥~ I claimed Manabu and Manabu's Hips @ screw_claim ~♥

who cares ┌about finding the damn key┘ when i’m CUFFED to Ryo, Kanon, Manabu, Hitsugi and Mikaru

gaze_rating ~☆~ a9_rating ~☆~ 12012_stamping ~☆~ butterfly_boys

More Stuff~


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