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16 November 2027 @ 10:44 pm
Fanfiction Archive  


Dir en grey

    Tittle: Iced Gaze
    Chapters: 3/?? in progress
    Pairing(s): Diex?, ToshiyaxShinya, KaoruxDie(One sided)
    Genre: Angst, Humor, Fluff, (Romance to come)
    Warnings: PG-15, (NC-17) / Yelling, Violence, Cursing
    Summary: Die had been coming for months always late to band practises.
    And Kyo is getting pissed off with it. Kaoru in other hand wants to wait Die to come there.
    Die had been telling them that they could start practising without him,
    and they had but because of Kaoru they always stayed there until Die came.

    Ch1 Ch2 Ch3



The GazettE

    Tittle: Sunset
    Pairing(s): ? x ?
    Genre: Fluff
    Warnings: none
    Summary: What is more beautiful then sunset? ..it's he

    Tittle: Glasses
    Pairing(s): mentioning KaixAoixKai
    Genre: Humour, Fluff?
    Warnings: none
    Summary: What do you think.. How will Reita look with Ruki’s glasses?
    Or How about Aoi?


    Tittle: The Sting Of the Pain
    Pairing(s): ShouxSaga(one sided), SagaxHiroto
    Genre: Angst, Drama, Love
    Warnings: Pain, Bad accident, Death?
    Summary: Why does it hurt to love someone so much?
    does it need a "accident" to make that other realize that you love him?


    Tittle: Burning Flame
    Chapters: 1/2
    Band(s): 12012, AliceNine.
    Pairing(s): WataruxSaga
    Genre: Slight Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Smut
    Warnings: PG-15 or NC-17 / Nightmare, ManxMan action,
    Summary: Beautiful eyes of memory; the memory sleeping inside silently,
    As Saga lives a “normal” every day life the sudden change can be good and something feels weirdly familiar.

    1st half



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