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12 February 2010 @ 12:10 am
Glasses (Oneshot)  
Title: Glasses
Author: neko_mikyo
Chapters: Oneshot
Genre: Humour, crack humour?, fluff?
Rating/warnings: PG-13?
Band(s): the GazettE
Pairing(s): There wasn’t supposed to be, but ended up mentioning KaixAoixKai
Summary: What do you think.. How will Reita look with Ruki’s glasses? Or How about Aoi?
Disclaimer: Oh come on! They just send me a message thanking me for buying them
I don’t own them, just own the story
Comments: I was just thinking that, how would Aoi and Reita look with Ruki’s glasses.. and ended up writing this XD Hope you even a little would like it! x3

    ”Normal” day in the GazettE’s room.

    Ruki: *mumbles something*
    Reita: *glances at Ruki* Did you say something?
    Ruki: I was just thinking.. That I look hot with glasses, Uru looks hot with glasses and Kai looks cute with glasses, how about you and Aoi? *stares at Reita thoughtfully*
    Reita: What the fuc-
    Uruha: *squeals* Uiiii!! I would like to see Rei with glasses!! *jumps away from the mirror to the sofa table and looks at Rei and Ru*
    Reita: Wait a minut-
    Ruki: Yup, me too.. I bet he would look handsome~! *says thoughtfully still staring at Reita*
    Reita: Hey, w-
    Kai: I bet Aoi looks way too old with glasses. *comes with his coffee to the sofa table and sits to the other sofa*
    Reita: Oi!! Let me finish my lines!!
    Ruki, Uruha and Kai: *stares at him*
    Ruki: So you’re finished now?
    Reita: Uh.. wai-
    Ruki: So Kai go find Aoi, I want to let him try my glasses, so I could see if they will look good on him or not.
    Reita: Oi! I’m still tryi-
    Kai: Sure thing! *he smiles and goes to look for Aoi*
    Uruha: How about you put your glasses on Rei now~? *smiles wickedly*
    Ruki: Ohh.. Good idea~! *looks at Rei wickedly too*
    Reita: no in ..the FUCK YOU WILL!! *stares at Ruki like he’s insane*
    Ruki: Oh come on.. it won’t hurt you.. or anything.
    Reita: OH REALLY?!!
    Ruki: Yup, really..
    Reita: *curses under his breath* *and as he was about to leave the room..*
    Uruha: Uiiiii~! Come on ReiRei you gotta try them.. even a little.. for me, ne~? *clings to Reita and makes a puppy eyes*
    Reita: Uh…….. okay… but after Aoi!
    Ruki: *pouts a little*
    Uruha: Sure~! *grins and still clings to Reita*
    Kai: Ta-daah~! *pushes Aoi into the room* Found him. *grins*
    Ruki: Oh good.. let’s try them right away~ *takes his glasses off and goes to Aoi*
    Aoi: What the-?! .. Oi! oi.. No no no.. I will not put those on me!
    Ruki: *grumbles under his breath and looks angry at Kai* you didn’t tell him why you brought him here?!
    Kai: err.. it must have slipped my mind.. *sweat drops*
    Ruki: You can talk dirty after the work and have sex after the work! You don’t have to do them here!!
    Kai: *blushes deeply*
    Aoi: *grins a little* Okay give the glasses..
    Ruki: *mumbles something* *gives the glasses to Aoi*
    Aoi: *sighs* Seriously.. *glances at Ruki* ..uh okay *shrugs and put the glasses on*
    Uruha: *snickers*
    Kai: *hides his smile*
    Aoi: What?! *stares at Uruha angrily*
    Uruha: *burst out laughing* Aahahahahaaa~! oh my god.. hahahaha.. *clings to Reita*
    Reita: *tries to hide his smile*
    Aoi: WHAT?!! *stares at Reita and Uruha, then glances to Ruki*
    Ruki: You look… like my science teacher in elementary.. *snickers a little*
    Uruha: Oh my god.. Ru stop! Ahahahahahahaa! *is laughing his ass off on the floor*
    Aoi: *rage is ticking like time bomb right now*
    Kai: Okay let’s take them off.. *takes the glasses off of Aoi*
    Aoi: *calms a little but is still pissed off*
    Uruha: Oh my god.. You were so right Kai, he did look old with the glasses.. ahahahaha! *tries to stood up*
    Kai: *flinches and glances at Aoi*
    Aoi: *death glares at Kai but then ends up kicking Uru to the ground*
    Kai: *sighs in relieve*
    Uruha: Oww.. hahahahahaaa.. *starts laughing again like some mental patient*
    Aoi: *stares at Uru under his brows and kicks Uru’s sides annoyedly*
    Kai: *sweat drops* eh.. ahem.. anyway.. Reita’s turn!
    Reita: *flinches* *tries to leave the room*
    Ruki: Ahem~! *stares at Reita in front of the door*
    Reita: errr… do I REALLY have to..?
    Ruki: *nods and points at the glasses on Kai’s hands*
    Reita: *sighs* *goes to Kai and take’s the glasses*
    Kai: Go on~ *grins*
    Reita: Shut up!! *mumbles something under his breath and put’s the glasses on*
    Aoi: *stops kicking Uru and stares at Rei*
    Uruha: *giggles a little –still ‘cause of the “trauma” from Aoi- and glances at Rei*
    Kai: *stares*
    Reita: err.. Wh-What?! *was about to take the glasses off*
    Ruki: Ahem~!
    Reita: *stops and looks at Ruki*
    Ruki: You look freaking handsome….. *stares in awe*
    Reita: err.. I really don’t thi-
    Uruha: Uiiiiiiii~!! ReiRei looks as pretty and handsome as ever~! *jumps from the floor to Reita and clings to him*
    Reita: Uh *blushes* I-
    Aoi: Wow~ didn’t think Reita could actually look that handsome…
    Kai: *still staring; only now his mouth is little bit open*
    Ruki: … *stares in awe, still*
    Reita: I uh.. Don’t really think I loo-
    Uruha: *grins wickedly and takes a photo with his cell phone of Reita with glasses*
    Reita: WH-WHAT THE..?!!
    Uruha: *shows his tongue and runs away, and out of the room*
    Ruki: …*takes the glasses off from Reita* … *mumbles something*
    Reita: Eh?.. *glances at Ruki*
    Aoi: *glances at the wide-open door where are coming some squealing noises*
    Reita: *flinches at the noises and runs after Uru*
    Aoi: uh..? Kai, you can shut your mouth now.. *sweat drops*
    Kai: ….. wow……… … *turns his head little to the side*
    Aoi: *bumps a little bit Kai to the head with his fist*
    Kai: owwie.. *stares at Aoi with cute hurted pout in his lips*
    Ruki: That was dangerous.. *talks to himself* ..i’ll never let Reita use my glasses again… I’m allowed to look handsome with the glasses, not him.. *mumbles the rest and stares at his glasses thoughtfully*

    In the end.. Ruki was extremely jealous of Reita’s handsomeness with HIS glasses. So he did go to hunt Uru down to delete the pic so it could never spread. But Uru promised to not spread it. But as he knew Uru’s weaknesses he ended up deleting the picture.. well.. after Uruha had taken several copies, to his laptop –as a wallpaper-, to his wall, to a picture frame.. and lot’s of more, but will stick on these few. So no pictures of Reita with glasses –in the internet-.. well not yet that is.. Muahahahahahaaa~! *cough cough*..*faints*


    PS: I’ll apologies for the behalf of the others, that Reita didn’t have a lot of chances to end his lines.
    PPS: Uru did eat candies in front of the mirror.. *points at the beginning* ..that’s the reason why he laughed and acted like a schoolgirl.. *nods and burns the actual reason evidence*

Even though this doesn’t seem like fanfiction.. it kinda is… but still..
..Comments and critiques are love~

Oh yeah i haven't counted the words
so dunno if it could be counted as drabble XD
Mood: amusedamused
R.Verensyll Knightsworthverensyll on February 12th, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
I imagined Reita with glasses in my head...and...*faints* He does look handsome. *-*

Uruha's such a cute puppy in here! *glomps uru* And Ruki, omg Ruki... xDDD

This made me giggle~ <3
Ne-Mi: Kanon_XXXneko_mikyo on February 12th, 2010 02:11 am (UTC)
So true! So true!! *jumps up and down*.. *-*

Hehe~ i thought it was perfect fro uruha to be like that *grins and giggles* LOL.. XD

Glad it made you giggle~ ^//^