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25 August 2008 @ 06:41 pm
Iced Gaze 2/??  
Title: Iced Gaze
Author: neko-mikyo
Chapters: 2/?
Genre: Angst, Humour, Fluff, (romance to come)
Rating/warnings: PG-15, (NC-17?) / Yelling, Violent, Cursing
Band(s): Dir en Grey
Pairing(s): Diex?, ToshiyaxShinya, KaoruxDie (One-sided?)
Summary: Die had been coming for months always late to band practises.
And Kyo is getting pissed off with it. Kaoru in other hand wants to wait Die to come there.
Die had been telling them that they could start practising without him,
and they had but because of Kaoru they always stayed there until Die came.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, unfortunately. Only own the story!
Comments: Uh.. i don't know what to say >_<'
Just, well give me honest comment! ^3^

Chapter 1

    Die unplugged his guitar and throw it to sofa. And he quickly waved and said “See ya” before he rune out off the door.

    Kaoru looked confusingly after Die, who had just rune out off the door.
    He seemed kind of random today. And why did Die act so weirdly under Kyo’s gaze.
    Kaoru’s mind couldn’t find the answers for now so he just shake his head and watched back to his band mates that were still there.
    Toshiya and Shinya talked about going to some bar.
    Toshiya said that he can’t have pleasant free time without Shinya.
    Shinya blushed softly for what Toshiya had just said.
    Toshiya put his bass for its bag, zipped it close and stood up.
    He watched Shinya with a smile on his face and then glanced to Kaoru.
    “We’re leaving.” Toshiya said with soft smile. “Ok.. see ya!” He waved to Toshiya and Shinya, who left the room.

    A deep sigh left from Kaoru’s lips.
    He packed his guitar and looked the practise room.
    His gaze got the sight of Die’s guitar.
    It looked like it was about to fall to the floor.
    So he picked it up and just look at it.
    There were few scratches on it and a sticker of England’s flag.
    He smiled to the sticker and put down the guitar to the couch corner.
    He picked his own guitar and put the lights off, and walked out of the building.

    Once he was out of the building cool breeze washed over him.
    The weather was getting colder and colder.
    It looked like it was about to rain too.
    He watched around, and thought where Die was. He was worried about him.
    ‘Why couldn’t that stupid red haired asshole tell me what was wrong with him?!’ He thought while walking and making sure that every band member had already left out from this area.
    Then his gaze got sigh of a figure on the ground that looked like it was trying to move to his way. Then street light hit that figure and it didn’t take a long time to Kaoru to understand who it was.
    He was already almost running to him, to Die.
    He was now beside with him and was down on his one knee.
    “What happened to you?” Kaoru said with little shaky voice.
    Die trembled little and put his head to Kaoru’s shoulder.
    Kaoru didn’t know what to do, “Umm.. Die? What happened? …..Was it Kyo?!”
    Kaoru took a firm grip on Dies shoulders and watched to his eyes.
    Die was trembling. He shakes his head, but bites his lower lip at the same time.
    Kaoru knew his friend was lying but now it didn’t matter.
    He wanted to make sure his friend was ok. “Die.. Are you ok? If you want I can take you to your home?” Die shook his head firmly.
    Kaoru was confused, why didn’t he want to go home? “Die, then where woul-“ Die cut out. “Can I come to your house?” Die whispered.

    Kaoru’s mind was running out of air.
    He shook his head, and rubbed his temples. “Why?” Well he was worried about Die, but.. Why to his house? ‘Why to MY house?!’ his mind was yelling.
    His feelings almost took over, but then “Cause I don’t want to be alone..” Die whispered so quietly, that it took little time to register all that to Kaoru’s ears.
    Now that he knew what Die said, his stomach jumped and heart start to beat little faster. His cheeks starting to burn little bit.
    He gulped his nervousness and took Dies hand on his own and stood up.
    He yanked Die to his feet’s.
    Die was still trembling so he took few steps closer to Kaoru.
    And then he sighed and buried his face to Kaorus neck.
    It took a while before Kaorus mind was starting to work again.
    His nervousness came alive again. Die felt that, and was confused.
    He lifted his head and watched Kaoru. “Can we go already? It’s cold out here.”
    Kaoru gulped quietly, and was confused too.
    Was he really that nervous that he couldn’t feel the air?
    He watched Dies face. And Die watched back.
    For a little while they were like that.
    But then Die gripped Kaorus shirt and tugged it little.
    “Kaoru..? What are you dreaming about?” Die said, and grinned to Kaoru.
    Kaoru felt his inside burning.
    He took Dies hand away from his shirt and started walking to his car.
    Die stumbled for the fast movement. And almost fell on his face to the ground, but Kaoru was fast and took a hold on Dies shoulders.
    “Die try not to be like kid, ok?” Kaoru said and yanked Die to his feet’s again.
    “Kaoru I’m not a freaking kid!” Die snorted back.
    “Yeah, really! So don’t call me like that!”
    “Aaw.. a weak point, eh?” Kaoru grinned.
    “Shut up!”
    “Why? You are the one who started talking.”
    “But you are the asshole who calls me KID!”
    “Really now? ..You feeling better?” Kaoru said while the two of them were walking to Kaorus car.
    “Yes.. uh?” “Don’t change the subject!?” Die said frustrated.
    “Hmm, do I see right? You feel a lot better, do you?” He smiled to Die.
    “Humph.. Well yes, actually.” Die frowned and blushed a little.
    “That’s good. Cause I don’t want to see you every day so upset and all melancholy.”
    Die blushed and a lot. Kaoru was now on his car front door.
    He blushed too, ‘What did I say?!’.

    --------In the meanwhile--------
    “Toshy? You sure you know where you’re driving?” Shinya said while sitting in Toshiyas car and on front seat.
    “I know where I’m driving!” Toshiya said firmly and in the same time he watched street signs.
    Shinya giggled a little. “Really? Then why are you watching those street address signs?” He grinned and giggled when Toshiya looked right at him.
    Toshiya stopped his car, and turn off the engine. “Oki, Shin. We’re lost.. So you have better things to do?” He looked straight to Shinyas eyes.
    “Aaaw Baby, it’s ok. I’m always having fun, when you are with me.” He blushed a little with soft smile on his lips.
    “That’s good to know. And Baby.. You are not allowed to call me Baby.” He grinned and shook his index finger.
    Shinya giggled again “Aaw, then what should I call you?” he smirked and said “Tiger?” with pretty flirty grin.
    Toshiya just smiled and leaned closer to Shinya.
    He whispered to Shinyas ear: “That’s the best one from you now.”
    He breathed to Shinyas neck and licked his earlobe. “Baby..?”
    “Hnn..” That was all Shinya could say.
    He felt so good and warm when Toshiya was so close.
    Toshiya left little bite mark on Shinyas ear and backed a little.
    He watched Shinya and saw lust and need in his eyes.
    He smirked to Shinya and leaned closer to seal their lips for a long kiss.

    --------Some time earlier--------
    Kyo felt so angry.
    ‘Why the fuck was that asshole always coming late to practice.
    And why in the hell does he fear me?!’ ‘I thought we were friends.. Why can’t he just speak to me?!’. He walked to the buss stop.
    ‘Why does he look so.. so embarrassed when I look at him?’
    ‘Is it just me or does he really start looking paler too?!’
    ‘Aargh! What the fuck is wrong with him?! And me!?’ He frowns and starts looking around.
    “It’s better walk to home while in this mood..” He says quietly.
    He starts walking to home.

    He didn’t get far away when he heard steps coming closer to him.
    After few steps he saw that someone was Die,
    and was now walking beside with him.
    His anger grows again and he couldn’t control it any longer.
    He takes grip on one of Dies wrists and pushes him to the closest houses wall.
    ‘Why the fuck did you fallow me?! Are you that stupid?’
    questions started again roll in his mind.
    I felt how Die put his free hand on my left shoulder.
    I was trying my best to gather my self-control.
    Then I heard him sighing and he put his head on my head.
    “Kyo..?” he said quietly.
    My anger was growing more and more and his talking didn’t help at all.
    He sighed softly to my hair. “Kyo I’m sorry if I made you angry..?”
    ‘God! Are you really that stupid Die?! You always had been careful when I was angry, but now you are here!? Why in the fuck? And why you haven’t talk to me long time.. eh?!’.

    “Kyo.. please talk to me..” He said it almost with shocked voice.
    He tried to shake his wrist free from my grip.
    I moved a little to make sure his wrist won’t get away from my grip
    and I tightened my grip. My anger still rolling and all those questions too.
    I punched his arm away from my shoulder.
    I lifted my head up and watched straight to his eyes
    with anger boiling inside me.
    He watched straight back to my eyes. My anger was controlling me.
    My brains took only commands from my boiling anger.
    All those questions making me go crazy.
    Then I put my other hand on his throat. His mouth opened for the shock.
    But I don’t care. I felt like choking him but I got some self-control back.
    I release his wrist. And then I punch with all that anger to his stomach.
    I see him tumbling down to his knees. But I don’t care.
    ‘Is it like that? I don’t care?’ I gulped and started to walk away to my home.
    I lit my cigarette. It relaxes me.
    Once I was in the shadows I dared to look back and saw Die on the ground still.
    He looked like he had problems getting air.
    And I knew it was my fault but I didn’t have the courage to go back.
    And I didn’t even want to. It was his fault; he was the one who run after me.
    And he knew that he should not come to me when I’m pissed off.
    So I just turn around and continued my walk to home.

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g u r onekokyo_chan on August 26th, 2008 04:07 am (UTC)
oh!! >.< totchi and shinya~~~~~ so cute!!!

Oh I'm really excited to find out what's going on between Kyo and die!!

I'm glad you updated so fast! Thank you I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more ^__^
Ne-Mi: GAGAALINGneko_mikyo on August 26th, 2008 03:00 pm (UTC)
Yes they are ;D *giggles*

Aaw.. and i'm really happy to hear that! and i'm so happy that i can make this interesting too!! ;3

Thanks! It was a fast update indeed.. *nods* Oh you're welcome, I'm really happy that my fic doesn't suck and that you are enjoying reading it! *blush*
g u r onekokyo_chan on August 26th, 2008 09:20 pm (UTC)
oh i am~!
youre very welcome! ^__^
kyoandsakurakyoandsakura on April 14th, 2009 08:54 pm (UTC)
when your talking lighting ciggarets, you say "lidded", it should be "lit". i wish you would have finished this..or just wrote more :(
Ne-Mi: Die_diruneko_mikyo on April 14th, 2009 09:42 pm (UTC)
yeah.. thanks..
i'll promise to try to continue it soon as possible >3<'
'cause i really want to continue it too.. first it was left for a break cause i had block in my head but then again i got busy with studying and stuff.. so now days i am not so busy.. so i'll try to continue it.. ^^

But hey, thanks for reading and commenting.. ^^
kind of made my day more interesting XD i promise you that i will start trying to write and continue this fanfic ^^